Symbols And Terms Shows the direction of the document and paper. Transporting the Machine If you need to transport the machine over a long distance, consult your Muratec dealer. Select the standby mode. You cannot use the numeric keys to manually enter a destination. You can- not broadcast a document to an e-mail address or a folder, and an FTP server together. Popular Products Muratec Copier 61 Questions.

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Press [No] to register the operation but exclude the [Start] command. Page Chapter Copying Before copying This operation also cleans the print head.

The large, back-lit touchscreen delivers instant recall of registered. This manual and any updates to it can be found online at www. Duplex Scanning Duplex scanning You can easily scan a two-sided document using this mode.

Muratec MFX-1430 Brochure

Press [Enter] to return to the display in step 5. Before copying Document and paper handling Before you begin making copies, please read the information mentioned on pages to Select the F-code box that you want to store the document in.


To insert a character, use [ ] to move the cursor to the insert position and enter the character. Use [ ] or the numeric keys to enter the reduction margin. Page 56 Load the paper into the cassette. Scan Size Scan size You can change the document priinter size prior to scanning.

After the destinations have been entered, press [Location]. Page 66 If you want to add this destination to a call group: Press [I-Fax] or [e-mail] for the individual settings of internet fax and e-mail. The user name can contain up to 50 characters.

If you want to stop the macro operation in progress, press [Stop]. Stored document list Your machine can print a list of documents stored in memory.

Muratec Mfx | Mfx :: – Detailed Copier Specifications

Close the side cover and insert the paper cassette. Close the ADF cover, making sure both sides are snapped down securely. Posted on Sep 24, Be the first to answer.

If the address displayed is from the LDAP server, it will have an next to it.

Muratec MFX-1430 Black & White Copier

Page 73 1 Use [ ] or the numeric keys to enter the address book number to You can select both [Fax] and [e-mail]. Adjust the document resolution and contrast, if necessary.


Proceed to step 6 if an I. Chapter PC-Fax function Installing the murahec Set the document See page Calibrating Scanner The scanner is warming up now.

Printing stored documents You printwr print out documents in the security reception box, documents received in the bulletin boxes and documents stored in the bulletin boxes.

Page Advanced search You can add more criteria to your search by selecting [Advanced]. Page Registering or editing a transfer rule You can create up to 5 transfer rules. Sending Method, Scanning Contrast Scanning contrast Setting the scanning contrast allows you to compensate for any excessive lightness or darkness, as the case may be, of the document pages you are sending.

The number of pages not receptions your fax machine can store for out-of- paper reception will vary.