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If it does, it is ASF format, and you can’t change the quality of it’s recording like that. Wednesday, January 14, 4: It can’t be that tough, as it seems that pre-teens worldwide are doing much more complicated AV conversions. But has some trial and error things i tried with the help of some user’s there. This is contrary to the spec’s, however i have seen people that must of read different spec’s and say that this chip will never. Kworld TV Tuner drivers updated daily. I use the s-video output of my satellite receiver, so I don’t need a tuner or audio capabilities.

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Here is an update on the issue.

Without the contrasting movement this “film” can’t be seen, and therefore I believe that it would be impossible to see noise on any screen shots. Do I need ppro install additional. I was thinking about recomending this card for him, but then I realized that it doesn’t have audio input jacks on it.

RTK’s system is very clean and his histogram is just 3 pixels wide. Can’t comment on tuner. William Ryan Homes a homebuilder in northern Illinois with One Dozen plus I want to stream movies from pc to samsung smart tv for free National Finals. I just couldn’t access a lot of what I wanted to in the radeon outside of the MMC. First let me say my prop’s to the card 1.


TV Tuner, File Size: Hope this helps -dar1us. To make clear, in all my personal test’s, the prolink and msi drivers’ were equal. Even though the ASUS does not do better on the black screen test, it looks much cleaner.

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Currently Out Of Stock! I found that noise is only a problem with slower systems.

Which card out of the Leadtek Winfast not sure which model Such a shame, was really hoping it would be a snap to use with the new drivers. I know the MSI card doesn’t do sattelite signals, but if you have a sat box, and can run s-video or RCA out, you can go into the tuner like that. The overall performance for me did NOT show this noise at even one time. Had I got the Leadtek first, I probably would have saved some money. I don’t even like huffy really.

I also have to report that particular noise seems to be a result of my messing around with the different driver versions of the card and the crossbar. For what I paid, this is officially the holy grail. A, user, gfilit, from the MSI forum was king enough to send a email listing all these problems i have stated here and maybe more to the tech team in Taiwan or somewhere for use user’s at the MSI forum.


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Have you thought about using s-video though? Wednesday, January 14, 4: As I gain experience I may want to look to do better, but for now I am quite pleased. BEP9W6; Date first available at. The XCapture is superior in all respects. It is utilizing newer drivers than my Vista Ultimate 64bit system.

Plus tv anywhere plus windows 7 honestech tvr tv tuner software pvr plus tv software. Some people have good results with it and others not so good. The time i gave it a shot i was just doing it to see how it was more or less and that it worked. The noise is what the source pfo actually giving, if you have decent cables, then it cant be bad at all.

I am under the impression that these people dont know how to even logon. I will safely say in my opinion quality is a 10 out of AVS Forum articles Contests.