To determine which firmware version is currently installed on your mk3, look at the front panel LCD while the interface boots or check the mk3 tab of the MOTU Audio Console program. Apply DSP-driven compression, EQ and reverb to every input and output, independent of your host computer. This update requires OSX Follow on-screen instructions during installation. The UC looks interesting:

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Connect all of your studio gear, including microphones, guitars, synths, keyboards, drum machines and even effects processors. Could it perhaps be a USB limitation? Use this install if you are using one of the supported interfaces below, and are running OSX Continue through setup to complete install.

Follow on-screen instructions during installation. New Features in DP 7. This program updates the original UltraLite firmware to version 1. This program updates the original UltraLite firmware omtu version 1. Requests to tech support regarding this profile will be cheerfully visat. This update includes several minor program enhancements. Please note, this download is very large and may take a while to download depending on your internet connection speed. The minimum required operating system version is Mac OS X v Mac OS X version Run the Setup file in the archive.


– Features

At that point, you can use the proper Unisyn device profile to get the data back and you have converted the. I do mohu get that ffeeling from MOTU. Only the file format has changed.

Were you using the USB or firewire version? The library content remains the same.

Use this installer mohu you are running OSX And the Oscar goes to I am on XP, though. Pre-release public beta version of Ethno Instrument for Vista x32 and x I guess in a sense I do feel a bit ‘cheated’, having purchased this mkii and expected to have the low buffer sizes. What would you say yapweiliang? This program updates the MicroBook II firmware to version 1.

– Software updates add value to your MOTU hardware

I reported all this to motu and they advised me that they knew about 3 and 4 ; and they had duplicated 1 and 2. Use this console only with the 98 Drivers under Windows 98 or ME. Am still waiting for further reply from them. I don’t know about previous versions of the bit driver but there are plenty of issues with the 3.


This installer updates an mk3 to firmware version 1.

Windows Vista drivers now shipping

Follow the on-screen instructions. It requires a full install, including iLok authorization, of MX4 version 2. I’ve also looked at the documentation with the windows XP driver – also no explanation about this.

Do keep in touch. Unstuff with Expander version 7. Real bad drivers from MOTU.