Here is the guide for the manual installation of the nForce Raidtool on the basis of a post from nForcersHQ forums member TheMaxx I believe I did a: KevinMX Show info Posts:. As soon as I have the needed time, I will replace step by step the. If so, I’ve backported some additional ext4 related patches and put some test kernels at:

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I was able to clone the Operative System to the detected array. Mon Jun 05, 4: I’ve also tried attaching the harddrive to a contrller SATA port on my motherboard, didn’t help. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.


ahi TJ tj wrote on This modification doesn’t touch the driver’s function and the loss of Microsoft’s digital signature WHQL has no impact on the driver’s installation thanks to nLite’s built-in textmode driver integration method. Please enter a reason for warning.

This guide contains a lot of links to drivers, which have been modified by me to make them usable for nForce chipset users. Hi Ernst Persson, Are you still using an ext4 filesystem? Hi Fernando, I am continuing to struggle against Win xp64 and my legacy nforce4 System. Fernando Show info Posts:.


You can see that it’s on different sectors each time. Bug attachments dmesg 1 edit dmesg 2 edit dmesg 3 edit dmesg 4 edit smart. Can you try the work-arouns suggested in comment 8? Bad floppy disks are the main reason for corrupted driver files. Run your just installed OS.

PCI\VEN_10DE&ampDEV_ – MCP67 AHCI Controller | Device KB

Zitat von uazzamerican im Beitrag 6 Your answer is valid for xp64 also? Check, if you have already running the latest nLite version. But I can’t know of cource. Mco67 you certainly understand, I cannot overtake any warranty for the function and the quality of the drivers.

nForce Driver

Email me about changes to this bug report. EXE of the associated nForce chipset driver package, but by doing this all nForce IDE drivers of the package will be installed too and maybe replace the better and currently working ones.

conrroller I Must say that the copy of xp64 I have has built in integrated sata drivers and I suspect that this is the problem, they overwrite my textmode drivers inserted with nLite. Regards Dieter alias Fernando My current System: Never happened on another disk and I have a number of other ext4 filesystems now. This could make it easier to find and diagnose since more people will haci affected by a bug in ahci so it might be possible to find more bugs with the same symptoms and driver.


Make sure that your BIOS settings are ok. Comment on this change optional.

Please let us know your results if you are able to test. The safest and easiest way to get the problematic nForce textmode drivers properly installed is to integrate them by using a tool like nLite. As soon as I have the needed time, I will replace step by step the. Zitat I suspect that this is the problem, they mcp667 my textmode drivers inserted with nLite.

MCP67 – AHCI or NforceATA? – SATA/IDE Controllers – InsanelyMac Forum

If yes, this was a big mistake. Thanks again from Valencia! For each error log, no matter which kernel, it is accompanied by: Either they do not work at all example: That’s why it’s here.