May 13, Posts: No sound after kubuntu upgrade from 8. STOP 0x I think the major flag is symptom 1 that might be causing the other 2 issues. Optiplex Imaging Issue 10 posts. The driver needs to be reloaded to get it out of this state. Was hoping to integrate the image into the GX, and image we have but got the blue screen. Both have the same results.

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Please keep this field empty: Yeah, I know, picky picky. It’s working well so far, but I’m having some issues with the port replicator PR01X. Hey all, just wanted k6300 see if anyone has come across this issue. The following article may be of relevance for this: Once installation was complete the change to AHCI was possible and everything worked fine.

EndSection Logout and login. Oh yes, I tried haci the intel drivers to the setup, of course. Reference image is XP SP2. Same question; how to troubleshoot?

But I really wanted to avoid doing that as I can think of about better things to do with a few hours of my time. If not, I can live with the ATA setting. If you would like to edit this page please first view our Editing Guidelines.


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n6300 Like all Intel Core based laptops, it is recommended you use a Linux distribution with kernel version 2. Please fill all the letters into the box to prove you’re human. Sat Jun 20, Also, trying to plug in anything to the audio out on the replicator seems to kill the audio.

We’ll see if the registry fix makes any difference. Nov 6, Posts: Thanks in advance – Dan.

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This is ahhci guide to running Linux on the Dell Precision M Had a nightmate getting XP on an Optiplexhad to resort to an nlite XP disc with integrated sata drivers. Ahcii have seen a few cases whit newer machines, where it was impossible to install windows XP the OS setup would blue-screen consistently. Something about it is just too different for XP to take. The use the ICH We don’t have any Latitude’s to put it on but I’m sure it’ll work.


Dell Precision M6300

Popular Guides Preparing your system for Linux. Optiplex Imaging Issue 10 posts. View more guides at Linux Wiki Guides. This method has been fine for Optiplex,and Latitude D, D, and Precision M series machines.

Any way to trap the inner workings of that and maybe tame it? This did not make any difference on some hardware, it would still blue screen very early in the setup process. I’ve been doing IT for a long time now, but I’m a babe in the woods with Linux internals or any OS internals for that matter. Smart Card Reader For the smart card reader to work, I needed to install the pcsd daemon first.

In Gentoo it was simply enough to emerge it, emerge -v pcsc-lite Then I had to download the applications to make the card reader work from http: Sat Jun 20, j6300