Below is the list of things the manual says it could be: When I try to turn up the temperature, it either flashes r25 or lets me click it up to desired temp but then goes back down by itself. If this continues to occur, then the buttons on the touchpad may be stuck, in which case they would need to change the touchpad decal membrane switch. Ran an inspection camera down the tubes and they do not appear to be bad condition or have much buildup at all. It is model RA. What does an internal fault message mean? FAN Indicates the Pilot was lost, or the air pressure switch is not closed when required.

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If I bump it up only a couple of degrees at a time, it will take longer to display HL2 but it will inevitably get there every time I use the heater. It had worked flawlessly since we installed it. I have a Raypak unit which is 12 years oldI have replaced the control board but it would seem that the first problem was the switch on the side.

Assuming that the pump is running, the water inside the header will cool down and the high limits will reset- allowing the heater to fire up again- until the point where the water in the header exceeds degrees and the process will repeat. There did not appear to be any build up in the heat exchanger tubes.


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Also, what year was it installed? Ignition failure Raypakbtu. This will take the heater out of remote mode, thereby enabling the touch pad. What is the actual code that reads on your display? Thermal fuse tripped inside heater due to excessive heat or flame roll-out detected.

Is this easy to change mine just came on to sounx is this a tech. The answer of what the TAb code means can vary depending on the model.

Raypak Heater Fault Code Guide

Usually, the sensor failure error code is SNS. There comes a point, soind guessing what the issue is is costing you more than what hiring a technician in the first place would have cost. Does it flash a code? If this code appears and stays on, turn off power to board at toggle switch and source, then re-establish power.

Does the heater turn on? Our heater stopped working last night.

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Pilot flame is not lit and no clicking is heard when we start it up. Call a local service company to come inspect and correct the issue. There could be a low water flow issue causing the heater to shut off to protect itself. Do you hear any noises like clips or hisses?


Heater seems to work fine, I have to turn it off when it reaches desired temperature.

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RA is the standard type of freon used in air conditioners and heat pumps, it is not a model number. If pilot assembly is OK, then the culprit may be your PC board. If M2266a take the heater out of remote mode into pool or spa mode, I can get the heater to work every time.

What could be the souns. Unit lights fine, gas burns evenly: The manual does not show too much information about it. Call a professional to come take a look at it.

And how can i fix it?!? If the HL2, in this case, is resetting and allowing the heater to fire after cooldown, then the switch is fine. Are there any other codes that flash before the heater shuts down?

What does that mean? What does an internal fault message mean? I started it again and this time after it started, I plugged in the P air switch wire and it continues to run.