Mote Prime A personal website. Ensure that the board is not pluged in and start the OpenOCD daemon: Forget this and you will waste hours. Add to a parts list. At the telnet interface, try:

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Functionality main simply sets up the hardware, creates all the demo application tasks, then starts the RTOS scheduler.

Note that vPortEndScheduler has not been implemented. After installation, you should be able to check on the compiler: Save to an existing parts list Save to a new parts list. In addition bboard a subset of the standard demo application tasks, main. The foregoing information relates to product sold on, or after, the date shown below.

There is absolutely no warranty for GDB. This site required JavaScript to be enabled.

Mote Prime

L,3s811 the LM3S demo applications for alternative projects that also demonstrate the use of co-routines. The driver library is included in the project workspace or Makefile. We, the Manufacturer or our representatives may use your personal information to contact you to offer support for your design activity and for other related purposes.

The eval board contains a user push button that is configured to generate interrupts.


So when I set mine up, I lm38s11 to record exactly what I had to do to get it working, and publish it so that hoard can do the same. You therefore need to check it out using Subversion and build it yourself. If this does not work, you need to create a symbolic link: For bug reporting instructions, please see: The OpenOCD debugger interface does not load hex files, so you will have to edit the examples.

Texas Instruments LM3S

I tried many things, including debugging into the FTDI library calls without source. The library continually returned error code 18 “unknown error” which was very unhelpful.

Please select an existing parts list. The dumb terminal must be closed in order to reflash the microcontroller.

Texas Instruments LM3S811

Lowering this value will improve efficiency. This is important – the flash programming algorithm does not auto-erase for you. The lowest priority on a ARM Cortex-M3 core is in fact – however different ARM Cortex-M3 vendors implement a different number of priority bits and supply library functions that expect priorities to be specified in different ways. Now we’re ready to build. The first is the open-source libftdi, which is available as a Debian package. The position of the message is changed for each write.


The driver library is included directly within the project file or Makefile.

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Ensure that the board is not pluged in and start the OpenOCD daemon: Anyway, one thing to try if you find this is to use: Get Ready to Build In order to transfer programs to the chip and debug it, we need a debugger interface. Save this item to a new parts list. Type “show copying” to see the conditions. If no errors have ever been detected ‘PASS’ is written to the display via the print task – if an error has ever been detected the message is changed to ‘FAIL’. Open On-Chip Debugger Luckily, on the day that the kit was delivered, Magnus Lundin contributed a Cortex-M3 communications module to the open-source OpenOCD project documentation here.

Type “continue” to start the program executing.