I was unable to make a usable boot disc using the dd. Why is so complicated to make bootable an usb key with ipCop???? Maybe hardware compatibility issue. I then went through a bunch of high volume transfers to make sure the quad nic was going well. In my example above my USB drive was g:

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After a ton of searching I came across satq instructions, which I will post for you in case you ever want to do the same. Something has your image file locked. I get the following error: This unit was both cheap, and met our needs of a rack-mountable IPCop machine. I was looking for it for the same problem. Maybe hardware compatibility issue. Thanks a loooooooooooooooooooooooot -: Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

I remember a few years ago, I had it running on an old Gateway mhz pentium and it ran like a champ. Thank you so much! So, if are you going to try and build something like this and have performance issues with your Intel quad nicACPI is probably your friend on this.

None of that really did anything. The distro is designed to work on older, basic hardware ipvop it does a great job with that. Either an explorer process, or something else. I was unable to make a usable boot disc using the dd.


I also played around with all teh various settings in the bios thinking perhaps the IRQs were more complex so perhaps the BIOS could better and more effectively dish the IRQs to the kernel. IPCop sees and understands it just fine after you can get 1.

I iipcop extracting the. Why is so complicated to make bootable an usb key with ipCop????

I was able to limp along on the system to be able to get the IPCop 1. Prev Using kmsrecover in Kerio Mailserver It works! Dude, many thanks indeed. The new version if IPCop is around the corner, but until it arrives and because it is currently still based in the 2. Not run on my computer. But, as you get more and more users, it is nice to get some decent hardware for it.

IPCop and Intel Quad PT Gigabit Ethernet Card

Any files on this drive will be WIPED so be sure if there is anything you need on it, to copy the files off it!!! It is really easy to work with and some modules are really great to have around for minimizing bandwidth waste and handling content-filtering as needed.


Perhaps the following will help others. I encountered a problem when following these instructions, did everything as instructed, but it failed with error 32 output media locked. It looks like it is writing the image correctly.

IPCop and Intel Quad PT Gigabit Ethernet Card – The Mergy Notes

Click here to read the full disclaimer notice. Great FAQ, and straight to the point, worked like a champ! Skip to content about jmergy mer. I looked up problems with this and eventually came across a solution that worked for me.


Others distro are so simple!! Posted on November 21, August 27, by Jonathan Mergy. I started to go down the road of posting to the IPCop user list on whether it made sense to recompile the drivers from source available at Intel site.