I am glad you posted that link since I need the drivers. To report a bug or issue, follow the guidance on the bugs and support page. In this case replace iwlwifi-xxxx. Since the iwlwifi driver is not yet in the Debian repositories, to get it to work requires you to download that and compile it yourself. I really don’t know what’s this “injection” or “aircrack” that you speak of, but in my case, I’m checking the driver’s homepage on a weekly basis and when there’s a new version I download it and replaced the older one that’s working in my system BTW that’s what “make uninstall” is for , namely to delete previously installed modules. All I know is that I am using that wireless adapter right now and it’s working great.

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Linux* Support for IntelĀ® Wireless Adapters

Board index All times are UTC. Does your laptop have bluetooth?

So you don’t even need the newest kernel to get your 4965gan running. This is the same folder that the. SimonB, suppose the neighbor’s AP works better, what then?


They still are under heavy development. I’ve actually gotten it to work with nm-applet now, so I don’t have to do this anymore. Did you find this information useful? That should be all thats necessary. Select all tar xjf linux-source I have been keeping a list of what I have done to get things working on my Toshiba PS I would read through his stuff. Having Wi-Fi and Bluetooth running at the same time is a challenge.

How to do the ipw driver through module-assistant? If you require a response, contact support.

How to fix slow wireless with Intel AGN? – Ask Ubuntu

Difi will bring it back. The antennas are typically located in the lid of the laptop. Check if the correct kernel is loaded. It actually works, but is slow. That’s difi using apps like network-manager is kinda better for the more mobile users. Some common sources of platform noise might be: July 2nd, 1. You should screw around with the kernel for your own good. Then do a “tar xvf” for the iwlwifi driver.


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Our policy is to close bugs that have been pending for input for more than two weeks. These Core releases can be very useful for someone who wants to integrate our Wi-Fi solution into his home made system.

Those devices will not be supported by the newest firmware versions: This page contains changes which are not marked for translation. Retrieved from ” https: Intel Pro AGN is old about or soand apparently, it had this problem on Linux for many years.

July 2nd, 2. All I know is that I am using that wireless adapter right now and it’s working great. Originally Posted by ehmdjii. For older chips, there are other drivers: The iwlwifi wifi drivers for both and are now in the mainstream kernel, as of 2.