If you believe this comment is offensive or violates the CNET’s Site Terms of Use , you can report it below this will not automatically remove the comment. This is the only reliable info in the source of the page at this point without using some perl scripts, so I decided to keep it easy. Yes, I could pay for a static IP, but why give the telco monopoly more money to crush competition with? Get the content of the message body and set that as the URL for downloading Tell Safari to open the URL, which causes Safari to beginng downloading to the downloads folder I have specified in the settings You can see the specifics of this process in the script itself. So, I’ve been seeing a lot of Cubes make their rounds on the Low End Mac Swap List Google Group lately and have been feeling sad for the poor little unappreciated orphans. I have a large GB drive which is normally mounted in a FireWire case.

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Perhaps it can serve an additional purpose of inspiring me to clean up. Customers who have purchased a previous versions of this product from Intech’s website can login and obtain their Free Lifetime Update. Just be sure you click “Send” when configuring the mail settings and check to be sure the test message came through.

Whenever I need to get into my home network, I suppogt send an email to the Cube with my custom subject and wait for the reply so I know which IP to use.

I tried to email — dead link.


SpeedTools ATA Hi-Cap Driver

My third fetish is the one we’ll be satisfying today Last year’s entry the Network Attached Storage Bin combined fetishes 1 and 3 into a hideous monster of dubious practicality. Most drives ship with the jumper in Cable Select mode.

Obviously, accessing your network requires that you have already configured a DMZ Host or Port Forwarding in your home router. Once, it is out, there are 2 hex screws that hold a guard kntech in place behind the drives.

Network Attached Storage Cube

This mod submitted by: Here’s what my happy little Zupport is up to most of the time. This same project could also be done with a Mac mini and a MiniStack, or even a full-blown desktop PowerMac if you do not mind the noise and additional wasted space.

Below are my own implemented features intecj some additional ideas to get you started on your own NAS. The only technical part to this would be insuring that iTunes is not running while the backup updates the iTunes Lirary.

Drive Partitioning To partition the drive, I installed it into the miniStack case that I have and hooked it up via firewire to the Cube. Closing Thoughts As you can see, using a Mac as the basis for a NAS is much better than using an off-the-shelf product due to the flexibility. As I mentioned in the intro, though, this tutorial was really intended to inspire Cube owners to keep their beloved machines out of retirement for a little while longer.

I am liking this tool already. This review was originally posted on VersionTracker. Summary This review was originally posted on VersionTracker. I tried to call — the number was disconnected.

SpeedTools ATA Hi-Cap Driver Download | ZDNet

Supporrt am presented with a very nice progress meter which tells me how many MB it has completed and what directory it is currently copying. The Cube makes a nice decorative addition to an office, as well as keeping noise pollution to an absolute minimum since ats are no fans to cool it.


This has a several minute delay, but saves me the cost of a static IP and the headache of dealing with Dynamic DNS services. I won’t do that again. It means that I have to use the boot infech for some of my backups to avoid wasting space, but this is fine with me as that large partition will really only be for my iTunes Library anyway. Also, it is easy to verify a link before mailing it to the Cube to be sure it will work when the script catches it.

SpeedTools ATA Hi-Cap Support Driver for Mac Download

Click above images for larger versions. This is the route I chose. Worked on my G4 with GB drive perfectly. I wanted the GB drive, but was trying to stay on the cheap.

Yes, I could pay for a static IP, but why give the telco monopoly more money to crush competition with? This final result gets set to a variable, which becomes the body of a new message. Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site.