Optimized for performance in a virtual machine and has no physical counterpart. SR-IOV passthrough — let’s start with this one. A virtual machine configured with this network adapter can use its network immediately. For related information, see: Apr 26, Total Views:

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For Linux guests, ee is not available from vpance UI e, flexible vmxnet, enhanced vmxnet, and vmxnet3 are available for Linux. The type of network adapters that are available depend on the following factors: Just vvmxnet on the original earlier host, if VMware Tools is uninstalled on the virtual machine, it cannot access its network adapters.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The default type is set when you create the VM, but it can be changed by editing the config file.

Choose your network adapter (vSphere)

To request a new product feature or to provide feedback on a VMware product, please visit the Request indtall Product Feature page. When you add an existing ESX 2.

In contrast, VMXNET adapters are not upgraded automatically because most Linux guest operating system versions do not reliably preserve network settings when a network adapter is replaced. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


Request a Product Feature. This kind of adapter is usefull for VMs which runs latency-sensitive applications. Systems such as Windows XP and later and Linux versions 2. Follow me on Twitter!

Guest operating systems, see the VMware Compatibility Guide. Optimized for performance in a virtual machine and has no physical counterpart. Flexible — The Flexible network adapter identifies itself as a Vlance adapter when a virtual machine boots, but initializes itself and functions as either a Vlance or a VMXNET adapter, depending on which driver initializes it.

There is a guest OS support for those NICs, so when installing VMware tools isn’t an option, then this adapter will still assure a network connectivity.

The following network adapters might be available to the VM depending on the virtual hardware vmnxet and guest operating system.

For network adapter compatibility considerations, see the VMware Compatibility Guide. This article discusses the different network adapter options available for virtual machines.

For more information on network types, see Understanding networking types in hosted products Return to top of page. Otherwise, you can just stick with the default. The virtual machine version, which depends on what host created it or most recently updated it.


Choosing a network adapter for your virtual machine ()

Additional Information For translated versions of this article, see: VMware vSphere Tagged With: EE is the default adapter for Windows 8 and Windows Server Did this article instalp you? You might just vmxneh to refresh it. Available Network Adapters Only those network adapters that are appropriate for the virtual machine you are creating are available configuration options in the Choose Networks window. Actions Copy To Clipboard copy external link to clipboard copied!

VMware Network Adapter Types

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