Since the Ranger supports all USB 1. Part I — British Hi-fi. The Ranger provides true USB 2. Additionally, the extension system is ideal for use with USB peripherals including: Icron has improved the USB extender since I obtained the review unit, and, in , Icron will also have extenders that will be compatible with 4K video transmission over long distances. Real Sounds And Frequency Composition: This 1-port USB 2.

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Backward compatibility to USB 2. The Ranger provides an integrated remote four port USB extendef. The Ranger delivers standard mA USB power over the Cat sxtender extension link to the two port remote hub, eliminating the need to locate the remote USB devices near an AC power outlet and greatly increasing the ease of deployment for USB extension in industrial, medical, commercial and other applications.

The Audio Precision numbers were exactly the same. Features Extends USB 3,0, 2.

Icron Ranger 2212 – 2 Port USB 2.0 CAT5e Extender (330 ft)

So, such extenders are mostly suited for custom-install configurations, although if you are handy with pulling wiring through your walls, you can do it yourself. Another USB cable with the same two plugs shown in the photo below was connected to the second box, which is the bottom box shown in the photo above, using the plug with the green arrow. Is There A Difference? An Ethernet cable, in my case being feet of Cat6 cable, connected the two boxes together, using the two Ethernet ports shown in the photo above.


USB Extenders –

I also played the file with the digital signal being sent from a hard drive which was connected to the BDP through a 12 inch USB 2. Company B is an existing factory that has the capability of manufacturing Product X, with custom circuitry that Company A wants Product X to have. I see the Icron USB extender mainly as a custom install item, but also for ocron consumer who is handy with pulling cable through the walls.

This 1-port USB 2.

The Ranger provides true USB 2. The Ranger provides a remote single port USB 2. Saves on installation time and provides IT visibility.

Part I — British Hi-fi.

The video resolution is x with bit color depth and it can support USB 2. Features Extends USB 2.

Ground loops can be a problem when using USB audio devices. The cable is warranted for 2 years from the date of purchase.

Icron USB Extender solutions | Scene Double

The Icron extender is intended to work seamlessly and transparent to the PC and devices. Entry Level Or Reference Projectors: Features Extend all USB 2. USB audio peripherals and Audio-over-USB is becoming much more common these days as people use their computers, tablets, and smart phones as the storage points for their music libraries.


The plug of one USB cable, indicated by the green arrow, was plugged into the computer. The Spectra features two locking USB 3. The front panels are illustrated in the first photo, and the rear panels are in the second photo.

USB Extenders

Features Up to 50m extension for USB 3. I compared how music tracks sounded through the two sources. Note, backward compatibility to USB 2. You can see that the resulting signal was very clean, with most of the noise well below dB. Since the Ranger supports all USB 1.

The extender has two boxes. This is why Icron does not recommend using wireless for USB audio applications, but icorn, to use the extender with Ethernet cable.