Not sure why you’d want to use this with another DAC as the built in one is so damn good. Clear, detailed and sound stage is the best I ever heard in a portable player. The more I heard it burn in the better it sounded. Max, before clipping F. Swimsonny , Apr 14, However, with the popularity of custom fit IEMs and vast improvements in digital technology, with portable DACs able to use an iDevice as a source, the possibility of having a truly hi-fidelity portable system is becoming all the more possible.

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There’s nothing glaringly wrong with it right now, its operation is fairly obvious. Jaben also have a unit on the local hifi expo last week.

iBasso DX100 Reference DAP

Whats the use of this volume key? I assume I wasn’t over impressed as I had a definite preference for the Senns, but then I’m not really a LCD fan – just sold them – so perhaps not the best person to comment.

Holding down the power button on the ibaxso of the DX brings it to life.

No, create an account now. If sibilance is present on the track, the HDP-R10 won’t help reduce it. I have been listening to twice as much music since I have it, and this will only get worse better once I get my Miracle. Less monolithic and brick like compared to the iPhone4, I’m sure there’s some air inside for the capacitors and whatnot.


Wonder how close will it perform against HM and HM? When you plug in with USB, it will ask you the first time if you want to enable data mode. You can buy a case, stand and screen protectors separately.

Measurement’s report iBasso DX test and graphs – Reference Audio Analyzer

Variation in frequency response in band 40 Hz to ibaasso kHz loaded 16 ohm, dB. Just read an impression from erji. Low level detail is better on the HM The is the same one used in the Buffalo DAC http: Sound Bass The bass is very neutral and it reproduces deep bass extremely well. So, it stands to reason this would sound good, and it does sound good.

Variation in frequency response ibaxso band from Hz to 10 kHz, dB. One afternoon ibassk started distorting, even when being used as a transport, requiring a reboot. I’d happily pay twice as much for this if this was half as thick, had 15 hours of battery life, can be charged via USB and was just about bug free.

I use a Class 10 SanDisk in mine. In a word – recommended. The music player itself comes with dx1000 standard set of options — listing by artist, album, genre and ibassoo like and includes settings for up-sampling, random play which isn’t always so random and a basic EQ. I have noticed this with some older android phones and Sansa Players. More impressive is the voodoo iBasso worked to bypass the fail audio output on Android and got their own custom player hard coded into there.


Nice detail and hall retrieval on 2L Nordic Sound, audiophile recorded pieces of music. Compare a changed frequency response the bundles of iBasso DX and headphones. Cons – UI, Price, Size. And I’m sure with the O2 once I get that going, it will be even better, although it seems now like it’s doing my LCD3s justice.

Thank you for understanding. Click here to see Poetic’s full review There is an optional sample rate converter that can be engaged but is off by default.

The buttons have a dd100 feel and a low profile. MimouilleJan 16, Cookies Policy Our Website uses cookies to improve your experience. Click here to see Painterspal’s full review