The feed rollers can be rotated buy hand. I suppose “fatal error” means it’s time to replace the printer, right? If not try soaking the print nozzle area of the cartridge in near boiling water. Out or paper, easy fix right? My DeskJetC printer will not print yellow, even with a new cartridge.

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I looked it up online: It looks like an inkdrop. So HP says that I have the correct driver, and my computer says that I have a printer, I just can’t seen to get the two together to make my printer work. I install my hp deskjet c to my new Dell Dimension c by using the disk that came with the printer last summer.

HP c Ink | Deskjet c Ink Cartridges

Letter A Size 8. The print job is in the queue but no print. Try printing from Microsoft Word or a similar application.

My Hp desk jet c will not print at all the pfinter for ink flashes. I don’t know what you downloaded from HP but is was not the driver for a Deskjet C.


My printer is printing majenta ink only. LadyD, Generally feed issues are dirty rollers. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Release the hp812v that secures the switches to free the cover from the printer. I’ts much more convenient to go with the HP Deskjet C. Thanks ST, we were thinking it was that since we couldn’t see anything else going on. I’ll try returning it to the store. Blot dry and reinstall.

I don’t have a concrete soolution but notice that I have this problem ;rinter I try to delete a print job that is already in the process of printing. Most just don’t deliver the quality needed. Its not convenient to clean them without partially disassembling the mechanism.

If all of the lights are blinking simultaneously after power on you have a fatal error.

HP Deskjet c – printer – color – ink-jet Overview – CNET

I found the C driver download at http: It is also available as a Rubber Roller Rejuvenator Pad, which is cheaper to purchase: My 2nd one sence ! I wondered if I should try to reload the printer program?


I have tried to check printer jobs, clear, turn off printer and turn on, cartridges working, plenty of paper. Headphones by David Carnoy Dec 17, From the back, near the clean-out cover, insert a screwdriver between the right cover and the base coming in from the bottom.

HP Deskjet 812c – printer – color – ink-jet Series

I have deleted drivers and reinstalled from XP. The rollers visible when the cartridge access door is open typically don’t cause feed problems.

Please sign in to comment. I wonder if I should completely remove this printer program and drivers then reinstall. Got any tips on how to kill “Christine the Printer?!

Any error light flashing is going to shutdown printing until the problem is solved. I didn’t do rpinter installs other than the usual antivirus and windows updates.