I use a butane micro torch for all my pulls and it’s worked fine on the FT Tour. The great Internet debate on just about every golf forum was concerning the Fubuki Tour Please log in to reply. You need a heating rod, and some cooling gel. Looks like I may have opened a can of worms?

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The muted sound and feeling are really just about optimal. Most Callaway drivers are very difficult to reshaft Answer Questions How to prevent standing up on the ball during the golf swing? I know that’s not the right way to say it but you get my point: The tours range from 8. It isn’t stuck forever. My only knock on the IMIX drivers is that the paint on the leading edge is brittle.

Again, here there are the half degree lofts. Tips If some epoxy oozes out of the hole, allow it to dry before scrapping it off and be careful not to harm the finish of the club head.

Callaway Ft9 | Buy or Sell Golf Equipment in Ontario | Kijiji Classifieds

It may not be perfect – you are still taking a chance, but would probably be OK. I hit consistent high, low spinners with this shaft.


Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. My advice would be to sell the glued model you have, source anything IMIX with the shaft you want and then start playing with the heads.

“callaway ft9” in Golf in Ontario

Going I-mix allows you to play with other shafts too without the headache of trying to reshaft a composite head. Consult a professional before attempting to do the job yourself. What shaft from UST are you using now? Use rubber pads to secure the clubhead in a vise and then use a drill to clear out as much shaft and “hosel” material as possible.

You may need to use an exacto-knife to fully clean out the hole. I wonder if it ohw be okay to put that Razor Hawk Callwaay on the Shaft I got with my FT9 I like the shaft in the head I have right now, I just want a little hireable flight with just as good or maybe a little better hoe.

Tee shot either left or right and short? The prettiest square driver ever made in my opinion.

Assuming you have the IMIX torque wrench? SportsRec is the 1 source for all things sports! Looking at the head it seems like I could use ultra low heat and it would be fine. Warnings This can be a very dangerous procedure that can harm you or your golf club if done incorrectly.


I think by the time you buy a head and reshaft you’re looking at a similar price to just finding a used driver. I second what Hawk said.

You can se and read more reshavt what to do here: The ball just explodes off the face and goes. Each to their own. Use the heating gun to to dispense heat evenly at the base of the shaft where it enters the club head and the portion of the shaft seen at the sole. Getting ready to reshaft my FT Tour. They play to 45 inch standard except for the stock shafts in the Razr Hawk which played to An experienced club builder with a “hot-rod”, an “over the hosel-insert spacer”, and fixed and mounted “shaft-puller” can not only get the Z-com out, but save it too.

I am assuming that stands for High Trajectory.