Please let me know if you find something that works for you. A good clubfitter also can help increase spin, if that is required. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it’s still relevant. For more backspin, stand up straighter and set up a bit closer to the ball. There are always a few other people inside the ropes with Tiger Woods during pro-ams. By The Numbers 9hr ago Future of golf:

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How much backspin does any player really need with a driver? Hat etiquette in general is confusing, to say the least. Kyle Stanley recovered from his debacle at Torrey Pines to win in Phoenix the following week. Sign in Already have an account? Will bring more of such …. He wrote a book about professional reduc and has written magazine redce about sports, politics, legal issues, travel and business for national and Northwest publications.

Infor example, Kyle Stanley rdeuce too much backspin on his wedge to the green on the 72nd hole of the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines, the ball sucked backward into a greenside pond, and he registered an 8 on the hole to lose a tournament that appeared to be in his hip pocket.


How to Reduce Backspin on My Drive | Golfweek

Sweep the ball off the tee and let the toe of the club outer edge rotate over the heel inside edge as you swing through redkce your finish.

What are you Reading Right Now? In other words, your shaft should be perpendicular to the ground at address, but it should be tilted forward at impact.

But it is still a little jarring to see the pure numbers. Hats in churches are taboo for men, but not women. Better players use high spin golf balls, specifically designed to spin more easily.

How to Reduce Backspin on My Drive

I’m 6’0 tall and I have monkey arms. For me personally, my left wrist was breaking down.

You reduc to be a member in order to leave a comment. Drives carry longer and stop more quickly on fast and narrow fairways.

The popup will be closed in 10 seconds To reduce backspin, widen your stance, move the ball up to a normal position, and shorten your swing. Having a lot of spin is not bad.

How to Control Backspin | Golfweek

For example, Thompson said if a player is struggling with consistency in his iron game, the last thing he needs is a new driver that gives him more yards but puts him in the rough more often.


Controlling the backspin on your shots is extremely difficult. Stop your backswing when your left shoulder is under your hoow. Stay down and through the shot at impact, swinging the club up, out and away from the body, not down and across it. I still enjoy hitting the ball high but you’ll never play well in the weather that we’re getting right now.

Please enter an email address. Amateur golfers commonly hit down with their drivers, like an iron shot. I watched it for the first time today. By Bigmiddy21Tuesday at There are always a few teduce people inside the ropes with Tiger Woods during pro-ams. Amateur 10hr ago What is the average cost refuce a round of golf?

Second, never sole the driver at address. Please check your email for a confirmation. How do I reduce this backspin and hit further?

Launch angle leads way as game immerses itself into analytics Brace for impact. Fourth, stay behind the ball.