Written by Wolfgang Unger December 10, at Windows Embedded 8 Standard is the new flexible embedded operating system that can be customized to your needs! Click on the Advanced tab. Thanks, but I covered this in the question, insofar as this isn’t for login. It does much more. Pricacy Policy – Cookie Policy Ok.

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Pressing the breakout key 5 times in a row will get the user to the Welcome screen so he can login with another user account.

Because of this, the feature is unusable in production as Windows might crash the system. The above tip was previously published in an issue of WServerNews, a weekly newsletter from TechGenix that focuses on the administration, management and security of the Windows Server platform in particular and cloud solutions in general. Add Windows features on the fly.

Written by Wolfgang Unger February 3, at It is recommended to change the key or to completely disable the functionality and handle this scenario solely through the custom shell application.

ELBACOM Germany GmbH

Street lights communicate with each other, the smart home can be controlled by mobile phone and the luminaries inform about the room utilization. If you are completely insane, you can try trapping CAD along with this gpol: Your email address will not be published. Learn about the latest security threats, system optimization tricks, and the hottest new technologies in the industry.


Branding Use Unbranded Boot to suppress the bootlogo and block access to the boot manager. But, there was still a question mark with regards to the amount of embedded flash needed in these applications. If you are interested in preinstalling, please contact us for more details! The next time the fiter is being connected to the system it will no longer be allowed to be installed.

Preventing CTRL+ALT+DEL on a kiosk computer

SMARC is a versatile, small form factor for computer-on-modules. This tool offers an easy to use graphical setup wizard, similar to the normal Windows 8 setup, which guides you through the whole image build process. Choosing the right RF Inductor for your needs can be complicated.

Keyboard Filter Driver for Windows Embedded Standard 7 – by Elbacom Interception source – A programming interface for intercepting input device communication. Mitch Tulloch Posted On May 8, The Embedded Configuration Manger now contains a feature that will optimize your system for the Unified Write Filter usage keybaord just one click. Flter Unbranded Boot to suppress the bootlogo and block access to the boot manager.

But we can help ourselves during our development to make static analysis tools more accurate and relevant to our cause. Alternatively the keys can be blocked based on the keys scan code.

Every setting is described in detail and can be configured with just a few mouse clicks.

With it you can block any key and key combination by entering the scancodes of the keys. Therefore I have set up the following poll.


Add additional security to your embedded images by using the Lockdown Features. That is it — the only additional requirement of this feature is that you must have a setup media connected to your image as DISMUI needs files from there. The filtering can be done based on the device ID or device classes.

To solve the issue just copy the missing files to your image and install the driver again. If you continue, we assume that you agree to the use of cookies on the elbacom.

Elbacom Embedded Configuration Manager – zereOS

Last link down, found no cached version on Google Cache. The tool will list all available features that can be configured on the left side. Also I have published a detailled how to on the techblog and will add additional howtos for specific usage scenarios within the next days. Please fill out all required fields to get access to the download and the product key for the Image Configuration Editor.

I have developed a new tool called Driver Injector for Windows Embedded which makes installing drivers easier and it helps a lot in case there are problem during a driver installation.