Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Means 1 computer pings the 2 and vice versa. For unknown reasons it messed up my routing table and added a Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. For those two you linked I didn’t even found which chip they use, all around the internet it is mostly people who cannot make them even just work under linux yet, not talking about hostapd Luckily another set of drivers exist and they work with master mode.

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USB devices are not supported, see linux-wlan-ng.

February dlonk, 2. I tried simply leaving out those two options, but as soon as i bring the interface up, i lose access to the system through ssh.

Setting up a Wifi Adapter to support “master mode”

Partners Support Community Ubuntu. WPA support requires station firmware version 1.

Not the exclamation mark! I set it up on a OLinuXino box running Debian 8 jessie. This can easily be done using the open source software Hostapd and compatible wifi hardware. For unknown reasons it messed up my routing table and added a Join Date Jan Beans 7.

RPi USB Wi-Fi Adapters

I literally copy pasted and only ran into one hurdle. Thank you for the quick reply. This feature requires Host AP non-volatile firmware download support, which is disabled in Debian stock kernel images: Local Loopback inet addr: I want to replace my router with a better one but I want to make my devices upgradable and not to have buy a expensive router that is just a box for access linyx which I dont use any of its LAN ports and so on.


How do I fix this? Prism54 I wanted a card that supported the Prism54 drivers, as they seemed to be about the most mature ones for “54G” wireless cards under Linux at the time I was looking – my Powerbook has Airport Extreme, Apple’s name for February 4th, 1.

Do you want to make xlink computer function as a WLAN base station, so that other computers can use as it as their wifi access point?

The instructions above are very technical and meant for experts as advice on how they can achieve a cool ability hoatap a computer. I want to install one more usb wifi in this ubuntu and use it as access point for the people who are near to ubuntu server.

The network applet crashed, but it is quite simple to configure the internet network event without it, in System Settings. If you have such hardware you might need to also run rfkill to enable the hardware using a command like rfkill unblock 0. The time now is Yeshua Ben Yoseph says: Dlin, RTL cards rtlsa project Master mode is working correctly together with promiscuous mode.


I am assuming its because it would be two interfaces then on the same subnet and that causes confusion?

Turn any computer into a wireless access point with Hostapd – Seravo

And it’s not very awesome with modern adapters. The Host AP driver is part the Linux kernel since version 2.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. I also installed DHCP server isc-dhcp-server following the instructions at http: Any suggestions on accomplishing my needs? I never set up a user name in any configuration file.

What I had to do to make it work was manually lnux an ipmask, gateway After these configurations, I rebooted the device. I am actually designing a linux based wifi access point to connect minimum people.