Host Name Displays the name of the host computer. Link Local Address Displays the link local address. Does not print the banner sheet. A3; Automatic duplex printing: Click E-Mail Alert link.

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You must be a network administrator to use this feature.

We replace rollers, pads, upgrade firmware, and re-set firmware board solders. Specifies the network type from either Ad-hoc or Infrastructure. Specifies the POP3 server port number up to 15 alphanumeric characters. Job Name Displays the file name of the completed print job. Simultaneous Connections Displays the number of connections received simultaneously by the client.

Page EN emissions requirements provide for two classifications: Page 83 Pivot the memory card downward until it clicks into place. If you are adding an optional sheet feeder after setting up the printer, be sure to turn off the printer, unplug the power cable, and disconnect all cables from the back of the printer before completing these tasks. Selects Ethernet II frame type. Displays the input tray. Entered password is used as authentication password.

The printer automatically links any trays containing the same type and size of paper, if you have set the Paper Type to the correct values.


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Specifies whether the printer sounds an alarm when an error occurs. Postscript describes the text and graphic elements on a page de,l a black-and-white or color printer or other ;cl device, such as a slide recorder, imagesetter, or screen display. The following describes the procedure to disable printing only from the ” Displays the status of the host interface. Displays the font pitch for scalable monospaced fonts.

Does not print the user ID. Page Output on the lower right corner of the paper. Specifies the tray in which the banner sheet is loaded.

Dell 3110 Color Laser User Manual

Stored Documents Click Start button to print the Documents page. Up to 32 alphanumeric characters.

Covers Thick Displays the voltage settings of the transfer roller for thick cover. Using the Output Tray Extension The output tray extension is designed to prevent print media from falling from the printer after the print job is delll. However, if you use one of the Microsoft methods, you will not have all of the features, such as the status monitor and other printer utilities, that are installed with the Drivers and Utilities CD.


Page Slide pco width guides to the edge of the tray. Displays the size of paper in the tray. Sets the temperature settings for the fuser for transparencies. Page Pull the separator roller hook out of the groove in the axle, and delll slide the separator roller to the right. Covers Thick Displays the temperature settings of the fuser for thick covers.

Displays the search domain name. Lock the operator panel with a password so that other users don’t inadvertently change the printer settings you selected. Option Problems In winter, keep the printer turned on to prevent condensation from forming.

The following describes the procedure to enable printing only from the ” Removing the Optional Deell Card Make sure that the printer is turned off and unplug all cables including the power cord from the rear of the printer.