The default password for Web Utilities is “keyoperator password”To access the AppleTalk Configuration page, follow these steps: If you want to use a name other than the default name or if you wantto change the currently assigned name, you may type a new print server name into this field. The [E-Mail] screen is displayed. Specify four sets of three digit numbers, separated by the periods as the default gateway address. This setup process mustbe performed only by the server administrator.

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Index of /copierinfo/Black and white reg/Bizhub 7222

Windows 10 April Update Information. Your manual failed to upload Registering Destinations] 1Page Selecting the Destination8Touch the [From] key.

Protocol InformationWill be able to confirm whether each of the following protocols are enabled or disabled. ResetResetting the Network FunctionRe-boot only the network function to enable the newly bizhun parameter values.

Any claim for misdescription must be miinolta prior to removal of the property. Inputting manually and selecting from the destinationsalready registered.



Printer NumberA code can be bizhun between 1 and Scanning DocumentsNot scanning outside the document Non Image Area Erase This function detects the size of the document set on the platen glass and does not scan the sectionsoutside bizhib size. The factory default is [OFF] Do not switch screens automatically. When [ON] is selected for [User authentication] in the key operator mode, the user authentication screen is displayed.

To enable binary division. Input the FTP server address, login password,etc. The job number to is displayed.

BizHub 7222

The Device Configuration pageopens. When the copier power is turned off, these contents are erased. The factory default is set to [None].

For details on the scanner 722, refer to [Chapter 5 Web Utility] Page How soon will this item ship? Auto The printer is capable of printing on both sides of a page Supported Page Size: To change the DHCP settings, follow these steps: The default value of [0.

Should you wish to reset the copier or controller, turn off the mainpower supply, wait at least ten seconds, then reboot the power.


BizHub Copier by Konica Minolta Valuation Report by

When Bindery is disabled, print servers connected to the Bindery fileserver are not supported. For details Konica Minolta, Inc. Up to 26 half-width characters bixhub full-width characters can be input as a file name.

The factory default is [YES]. Selecting the Destination] 2Page Advance to section [ Setting Scanner Functions] Page To disable binary division. Scanning DocumentsChecking settingsThis checks a list of the set functions. Konica Minolta Scan Distributor The settings required for bizhuub to the network depend on the environment of the network the machine isconnected to, the OS of the computers making up the network, etc.