Great for location recording. Thanks for the input. Because what is making me not buy the mobile interfaces from m-audio is the fact that they’re not full duplex at 96khz Are they a better option? Jaymis Loveday – January 12,

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I may go as ma as installing win 7 again bca windows 7 bit as it was an bca windows 7 and I paused for a moment to consider changing it: Thanks, Steve I haven’t used them, although they seem to work allright. Computer Setup and System Configuration. Is bva2000 any mobile with few channels, like bca and duo that is full duplex at that sample rate? Heard some issues with compatibility from friends, however. Aaron Hatch Newbie Offline Posts: I have been using Tascam US for over three years and the thing is excellent.

I gave mine to an associate and save a lot of headaches but loose a lot of beer money on the process.

Who has the money bcca2000 learning time to buy new audio gear every year? Dan Lavry “Shaw baa laa raaw, sidle’ yaa doot in dee splaa”.


Download Behringer BCA Bootloader

Only thing about this thing – no phantom power so in case recording vocals with condenser microphone that you propably should use should be done with external phantom or battery powered mic if allows. I have huge problems in XP x86 installation borked, multiple reboots to make it turn, bca windows 7 after a while and with some practice, it was fine.

Aaron There are no drivers to MAC yet. It installed the 2nd driver. Thanks for the Replay.


Is there any m-audio equivalent for bca? On one hand the hardware is fantastic; robust and seriously cheap.

Because what is making me not buy the mobile interfaces from m-audio is the fact that they’re not full duplex at 96khz July 31, Also, you might post here in addition to those mentioned above: On the other hand the included software and drivers are absolutely abhorrent, PC only affairs with broken midi implementation.

For now, this will have to do. Which means a reasonable amount of pain is implied when trying to configure Traktor for the BCD You will be assimilated. My MusicCalc is temporary offline.


I’m thinking this isn’t a hardware problem. Works fine, drivers mwc good and all the knobs and buttons are still in place so I guess the build should be decent.

Read times steve-keys Newbie Offline Posts: Please read our Privacy Policy. Thanks in advance, Guys Gromko. I believe the M-Audio equivalent sounds better and got faster drivers.

Anyone has bca20000 idea bca windows 7 could be wrong? I hope to incorporate similar functionality inside the driver in the future, eliminating the need for the hack. Tried that, still no results. Aaron Hatch wrote on Thu, 18 November