On their website it says, “Similar to the auto industry in the late eighties, the two-seater convertible was a car very few could afford, but everyone wanted. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used. Averatec Laptop Replacement Parts for Averatec. Know more about this protection. These are all convertible tablets. However, just like the Toshibas, the Averatec’s display suffers from a very narrow vertical viewing angle. However if you disconnect the power and run the tablet on battery power, the Averatec gets considerably cooler as the power management slows down the CPU which will in turn generates less heat.

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Averatec C3500 Series Wireless WiFi Card 71-40279-00

Their non-tablet notebooks offer great value for the price as we discovered in their ultralight product line review here. The convertible notebook is available through major electronic retailers, resellers and distributors.

Email id required Email id not in correct format. It took a while, but I finally have an Averatec C in front of me. The vent that releases heat is located on the top left underside of the unit, and can quickly become uncomfortable to your left leg when using it on your lap.

Despite the somewhat weak audio quality produced by the built-in speakers, there is a fairly sophisticated software interface for controlling audio in the Control Panel. The unit also includes four high-speed USB 2. It looks great and certainly protects the shiny C Nicely built machine that feels solid and can take some bumps in the backpack. Therefore, minimal compromising is needed for the typing style that you may be accustomed to exercising on a full sized desktop keyboard.


Unmatched engineering has created a notebook that is stylish, affordable and eminently usable. The voice recognition in the Averatec can indeed be a very powerful tool for you to dictate notes by speech instead of writing.

Sign-up Get e-mail updates on new products, special offers and promotions! Writing on the screen with the included EMD Stylus pen feels very smooth. The Averatec digitizer also doesn’t have an eraser function while other Wacom digitizers can utilize the top of the stylus pen as an eraser.

Averatec Ships C3500 Series of Convertible Notebook and Tablet PC

Microphone input and audio output jacks are coupled with a full-size standard keyboard with a large touchpad to give users an optimal user experience. The library of the vocabulary seems to be very large. The bottomline here is that the Averatec C’s automotive metaphor should not be the Miata. Their XP Tablet PC continues this tradition and delivers good value and quality at an affordable price. Enter the code shown: There is a panel latch on top of the display panel that can swing degrees.

What can you expect from a tablet that has such a low price? The integrated video chip manages to keep up well enough to produce a visually glitch free frame rate. If you wish to hook up a pair of external speakers, there is a standard 3.


I was able to adjust the graphics memory from its default of 32MB to 64MB easily by adjusting the shared memory setting in the bios. The C is sure to grab the attention of technophiles who happen upon it.

Additionally, the touchpad offers both built-in vertical and horizontal scrolling functionality; a feature that is not commonly found on the majority of notebooks. That is a big, big plus for the Averatec. It’s designed to take up less space and consume less power than processors for full-size laptops and desktop-replacement notebooks. Phone Reviews by Brand.

Averatec Interface & Add – On Cards for sale | eBay

On the lower right side below the display panel, you will find three buttons that Averatec calls the “Tablet Buttons”. However, you do need to speak clearly and not too fast during voice dictation.

With the C Series, Averatec averarec extended its tradition of innovative mobile computing in a way that offers users two compelling mobile products, in a single compact package, said Saeed Shahbazi, President of Averatec.

I Can Supply This. You’ll find the new firewall much more paranoid and powerful than ICF.