Finally, reinstall Dapper from scratch and try to get the modem to work. I had similar problems to favad too. If so here is the drivers for it. Well I believe I have a similar problem. It also helps to document everything you try so you can eliminate what doesn’t work. Damnt Small Linux wont Connect Thanks again for the reply. If that doesn’t work let me know and I’ll see if I can get my modem to work with the stock kernel modules.

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So I was out of ideas, and removed Ubuntu.

North East England Posts: ALL these modems are “soft modems” and 8201xa don’t care to share the specs with anyone so there’s little to no support for these under Linux. The ltmodem driver actually compiled this time which is why I ended up running lsmod but it still hangs the system if I try to use it. The PCI bus enables the modem to communicate with the computer fast enough so that the modem can be controlled by software not hardware.

Inteel take about 40 hours though. I made a script to automate the whole process. One thing you may try, and I know this is a crappy suggest, is download SimplyMepis 3. ALL these modems are hard modems because the idea of striping the basic hardware out of modme modem to reduce inhel costs and making it a soft modem didn’t become popular until PCI slots were introduced and CPU speeds increased to be able to handle the load soft modems put on CPUs.


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You don’t need to do anything with Synaptic except open it then close it steps 2a and 2b. Well I have to check the modem initialization string for my modem under Windows.

Was it that the builtin drivers din’t work in your case too or u couldn’t try.

Intel® XMM™ 7560 Modem Product Brief

Robotics 56K external serial RS modem is your best bet for 821ca under Linux. This guide assumes you know: Otherwise I really don’t wanna fiddle with my builtin support cuz I know I’ll get it wrong somewhere.

A lot of folks here are having problems with the driver; specifically rebooting causes the modem to no longer work. You will need the Win98 drivers for how old it is. Before you give up, and depending on how much time you want to spend on this I’d: Well the modem worked flawlessly yesterday, but when I went to use it today it wouldn’t go.

I followed your guide and all went well until I tried to use wvdial. If wvdial works then I’d just stick with it. Moeem you take a look at the man page for wvdial by entering man wvdial you can use sections in your configuration file.


Intel spends $2 billion a year on modems

Make sure you uninstall the previous driver step 8201cs before you install the new driver. More in this category: Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies. I know some ISPs require special programs or login scripts and such to dial in and connect; I’d ask your ISP about these things so that we can eliminate some of the causes.

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However there’s another small issue. That brings me back to my last two posts, success and then failure.

ALL these modems are “soft modems” because the USB interface allows the computer to communicate with the computer fast enough that the modem can be controlled by software not hardware.

However, there are only two files that we need; ltmodem. This page contains the list nitel Intel Modem drivers available for free download.

I am extremely thankful to you for helping me after going through in detail of every thing. Maybe it’s a connection string problem.