As I mentioned in previous posts about the two boxes for which I had firm numbers, the ‘slowest’ box I have is the Audient ASP at 39 samples. For your channel drum setup, if 8 channels of the drum set come in via ADAT and 2 channels of the drum set come in via the native microphone ports of the interface, then it’s as if the ADAT-connected microphones are slightly further away. An alternate plan would be to buy it all in one unit and have the added luxury of software made for it. Many here on the forum buy both an audio interface and a tactile software controller. As for whether the Behringer preamps are ‘budget’ preamps, it’s a fact that the quality of Behringer’s new products hasn’t been able to fully insulate them from shame of some of its long-ago sins in the audio world.

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I have to say this though. CbB Win10 Mac Pro core 3. Also, latency is fine when all 16 inputs are going through the same plumbing. I really don’t want to fight trying to figure out why my overheads in device 2 are slightly behind the rest of the kit in device 1. Plus, it’s awesome to just 0v1 down, push a couple buttons, and you’re set. Tue, Sep 3 4: Reply Contact Thanks for feedback. Then they proceed to integrate everything into their setup. Just raw audio mostly. Uab, I generally never record tracks with plug-ins engaged and all that.


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I would agree with you Gary on the older stuff. WHat I 01f is just look at the board in the pictures and sort out what it does that way.

The real-world numbers are all under 1-millisecond latency. You can freely mix and match ADAT devices with any hardware. I’ve pretty much given up on a single box interface with 16 mic pre’s. Apparently you can use Yamaha’s Studio manager as well. That is an important and very solid reason to go for a system that has enough inputs.

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I will have drum inputs ten that will occupy both devices Another thing that makes permanently setup recording chains a little more necessary is that I write more in sections now, as opposed to whole songs at once. Guess I got a good deal.

TouchOSC works on the iPhone. Cactus Music Max Output Level: Content Sets Sequel Content Sets turn Sequel and Cubase into a fully fledged music factory for your favorite music style! I was looking at the 12 channel but they make all sizes And many are only 2 0v USB.


I’m not sure what information you need about “how latency is handled with two devices with different processing times”. Great for dialing in monitors, too. Everything is setup – I just move faders on the mixer up and down depending on what synth or processor I want to record.

What have you encountered that made Page 1 uxb 1 4 items.

Checkout how this guy is using a Soundcraft mixer for recording, mixing, and analog summing. Someone snarled about the “soundcard” in the board? Because of video work, I always used it at 48k.

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I haven’t quite stressed the USB in the same way as with a studio interface but I’ve used it for recording rehearsals, virtual soundchecks, etc. If you pick and choose correctly I’m taking that you can make a very functional remote control surface.

All the bells and whistles and a front end as well. Live drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, vocals and eventually cello.