For organizations of all sizes and types, effective IT governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management has become a strategic imperative. But, the complex and constantly evolving nature of IT GRC requires a range of experience and expertise that is nearly impossible for most companies to maintain internally. 

cprlorca’s Suite of Consulting and Professional Services is the answer. Our seasoned experts help you overcome risk and compliance challenges that impact your organization in unique ways. They will help you enhance your security posture, reduce risk, facilitate compliance and improve your operational efficiency. For maximum value, any of the services listed below can also be delivered in combination with TraceCSO, our integrated cloud-based IT GRC management platform:


IT Security Assessment

We provide a thorough evaluation of your networks to identify vulnerabilities and determine the adequacy of existing security controls. The assessment includes manual false-positive reduction services, a manual vulnerability analysis to determine severity, and a best-practice review.  

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Risk Assessment

Our Risk Assessment methodology exceeds regulatory standards for compliance, including the latest FFIEC revisions. We measure risk levels to determine what types of controls are needed to combat threats, provide a framework to prioritize remediation, and compile the results into a detailed document for compliance reporting.

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IT Security Audit

Our experts thoroughly audit your existing security controls to determine whether they adhere to your risk assessment applicable regulations and best practice standards. We identify critical deficiencies and control weaknesses, verify that the controls meet the appropriate standards, and document each step of the process to provide a clear audit trail for reporting.

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Penetration Testing

Internal and external penetration testing services are conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of existing security measures. Our analysts probe the network perimeter to identify vulnerabilities and then mimic the actions of actual attackers – exploiting any weaknesses to gain greater access to the network.

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Social Engineering

cprlorca is a recognized authority in social engineering. Using real-world hacker tactics (like phishing, pretext calling, dumpster diving, or posing as a “trusted authority”), our security experts evaluate the human factor, identify security issues that need improvement and document compliance shortfalls. This service can be performed offsite using phone and email tactics, or onsite using disguises and impersonation tactics.

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Application Testing

We determine whether your web applications are targets for hackers due to application-layer vulnerabilities that can escape detection with traditional vulnerability scanning. Our web application testing will determine any weaknesses within your online application security profile that may expose sensitive information and will ensure access is not improperly granted due to such vulnerabilities.

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Wireless Assessment

Wireless networks require close monitoring and periodic assessments to mitigate exposure to security threats. cprlorca offers an onsite wireless security assessment and penetration test that gives your organization a detailed look into the current risk of your wireless network.

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Security Training

From onsite training to flexible web-based training, we will design an effective solution for increasing security awareness among your staff and to meet compliance requirements. Our cloud-based solutions provide the flexibility to develop, customize and manage your own security training initiatives.

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Advanced Persistent Threat Assessment

The Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Assessment provides a realistic assessment and fulfills several testing objectives simultaneously – all while reducing cost and delivery time compared to identical, individual services.

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