Fraud Prevention Begins With Awareness

Scams, identity theft, viruses, worms and credit card fraud are occurring more frequently than ever before. To help address your customers' concerns regarding these growing threats, cprlorca now offers Sos Advisor, the first and only customer advisor solution. SoS Advisor educates your customers about the many security risks they face and proactively keeps them informed about new breaches, threats, and attacks. 

SoS Advisor is a cost-effective solution that turns your website or online banking application into a customer security advisor. With comprehensive educational videos, written articles and 60 second video "quick tips", SoS Advisor delivers a complete customer security education solution. 

SoS Advisor can be embedded into your existing website with just a single line of code. To ensure consistency across your brand, it supports an easy-to-use customization interface that allows you to tailor the content provided as well as adjust the look and feel of the display to match your existing website. See SoS Advisor in action below. 


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